My Classroom

I teach 4th grade at an elementary school in Wilmington, NC. My school is high poverty with all students getting 2 free meals a day. Why is this relevant? I know that not all schools are created equal and as teachers we have to know who we are teaching. I want other teachers like me, the ones who read all the other AMAZING teaching blogs out there, to know that it isn't all rainbows and butterflies and that is okay. When you work in a school like mine, a school I LOVE, you have to get real about things sometimes. I have struggled for a long time to figure out what kind of blogging teacher I wanted to be and because of that, have not stuck with it. When I was talking to my grade level chair (and friend) about my goal of being a blogging teacher she suggested that I get real about teaching. I am a "real" teacher with my colleagues and students, why not here?

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