Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Top Ten Things Teaching Has Taught Me

So, I saw this Linky Party after I had already posted today, but it looked fun and I am going to join in!

10. This job becomes a life style-I am incapable of "leaving it at the office." It doesn't matter where I am, the time of day, or what my plans were...If I am in the vicinity of another teacher, the teacher talk will start and it is very difficult to stop it! As teachers, we live everything that is school and can talk about any of it at the drop of a hat.

9. Laminating makes me feel like a new person-I LOVE to laminate anything and everything that can purposefully be laminated. It makes everything so shiny and durable!

8. How to calmly call 911-Before teaching I had never experienced how to deal with injuries. Unfortunately, I have been through the 911 and ambulance riding experience on multiple occasions. I hope that I don't ever have to go through it again, but I now know that I can take care of those types of situations.

7. Deep care and concern for someone not in my family or friends circle-I had a student last year who had challenges in his home and school life that I could never have imagined. The things he endured and then the way those things presented themselves during the school day made me have compassion for another human I never thought possible.

6. Sometimes I forget to go to the bathroom-Nature calls. I am too busy making copies, faxing, grading, having meetings, and picking up students before planning is over to answer that call.

5. During the school year, I do not bring home work-When I leave school, I stop school related tasks, I do not bring home papers to grade, I do not cut, sort, file, or plan.

4. I thrive when I am on a strict schedule-Summer break is the best. Summer break has no set schedule. It is difficult for me. After about a month into the break I MISS knowing what to do every moment between 7:30 and 3:30. I am so unproductive without lists and a time frame in which I need to finish tasks.

3. I am in this job for a reason-I truly believe that I am in put in the school and classroom that I am in because there is someone that I am supposed to help. It is possible that I will never know that I have helped that person, and sometimes I think that person is me, but I am there to help them.

2. Friends come in all kinds of bodies-Up until we graduate from high school or college we think that our friends need to be someone who is the same as us. Not exactly the same, but someone of a similar age who has lived very similarly to us. I have learned in my 8 years working in the school system that the best friends I will ever have aren't the same age as me, don't have all the same interests as me, have different family situations that me. What binds us together is our passion for making a difference.

1. Live the things you try to instill in your students-I spent the entire last school year telling my students that no matter what situation they were thrown into that they must control their emotions and how they react to that situation. It took me over half of the year to realize that I said it, but I didn't do it.

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  1. Love #9, and it is so true! We love our laminating! Cute blog, Mallory :)