Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New School and Maybe a New Grade....

My last post, sadly, was April of 2014. As in, over a year ago. My only explanation for this is that I moved 5 hours from home, got a new job at a new school teaching a new grade, struggled through teaching that new grade at that new school, struggled through being far away from home, talked myself out of moving back, bought a new house, moved to a new house, and continued to struggle with the new school. I am still passionate about teaching and what it is to be a teacher, but I lost the fire and motivation for a while. I had nothing left to give to much of anything once 3:30 rolled around every afternoon, BUT....the fire has returned!!

I decided about 2 weeks ago that I was going to change my mindset. I decided that no matter WHERE I was teaching, it was up to me to find the motivation to be my best and be the teacher I always have been. And so began my great planning, note taking, TpT browsing, pinning, list making of Summer 2015!

During this time period I had also gone to 2 job interviews and sent my resume to multiple principals. After the first rejection letter was when I made the decision to change how I was looking at my current situation. NOW, 2 weeks after deciding to go with the flow and embrace all the struggles and be a teacher I could be proud of no matter what, I got the call to offer me a job at a school much closer to my house and very similar to the schools I had worked at for the 7 years before the BIG move.

I have been floating since the moment I found out. I am inspired. I am ready to get in my classroom! I am ready to print! I am ready to laminate! I am ready to put up super cute bulletin boards! WHOA! It is summer break! I have had to rein in my teacher-ness and realize that it is perfectly normal and ok to be excited, but that my summer break needs to be precisely that, a BREAK. Besides that...I.do.not.know.what.grade.I.am.teaching.next.year. GASP! It will most likely be another 2 weeks before I know.

And that is where my joy turns into stomach churning nervousness! 2 weeks ago that would have then been turned into stress, but no more! I am putting my nervous energy into getting back to work on my blog and I am going to keep my fingers crossed I get 4th grade accept this as another challenge and be ready to do my absolute best and do it with true joy and enthusiasm!!!

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