Friday, April 18, 2014

5 for Friday

Welp, today was the first day of my Easter Break! I must say, I thought yesterday would drag on, but it flew by and I didn't even get to finish all the things I had intended to do. AND I even stayed until after 3:15! That hardly ever happens!!! We had lots of good things happen this week, so it was a nice start to a much needed LONG break!!

Here is the parking lot at was almost empty when I left....I was proud of myself! Hehe!

For the past few weeks we have been raising money for child abuse prevention. We had a change drive in each school in our county and I am super proud of my class. We set a class goal of $77 and we were able to raise $87!!! We also planted our Pinwheels for Prevention garden and it looks beautiful. I hope it can be an inspiration as a symbol against child abuse.

We have been reading poetry for a couple of weeks and that leads me to 2 of my 5 for Friday good things of the week....

First one-poetry readings. So, I saw this video of a teacher having her class do poetry presentations once a week and they would present in front of the class using a microphone. They were really working on how to present or read aloud to a group. I thought this would be great to do with my kids because I have a few students who are really struggling with their fluency. I made a notebook of poems that are on a 1-3 grade reading level. I numbered the poems and put each of them in a page protector. Each week the students can "check out" a poem they would like to read and present. We had already talked about rhythm and rhyme and how poems need to be read. The first time we presented I had a couple students that did really well, but the rest of them either didn't read loudly enough, didn't know the words, or didn't read in a way that made the poem interesting or entertaining. So, this activity really turned into not only a fluency activity, but an activity to focus on presenting. Last week, they did awesome! They were responsible for finding out all the words they didn't know and practicing during their free time. I was very impressed with the improvement!! Also, I had some of my least fluent readers make HUGE improvements on their fluency progress monitoring. I am really glad I started this activity and I plan to continue for the rest of the school year. (The poems are really funny too, so the kids absolutely love them! And it is so cute to see kids giggling to themselves when they read something funny!!)

Second one-poetry writing. After we talked about how to read poetry and had a good feel for the rhythm and rhyme we took on writing our own. It was a big challenge for some of my students. We did do a lot of partner work for this, but they all really enjoyed it and were very engaged in writing their own and helping their classmates. We were inspired by a book I bought at the book fair a couple of years ago. It is a book of poetry about excuses kids come up with about why they didn't bring their homework to school. The book was actually written by a group of elementary schools students, so it motivated them to want to try their hand at being poets. Below are some examples of the homework excuses they came up with.

I could possibly be the least "holiday activity" inspired elementary teacher ever. My mind just doesn't even go there. I don't know why. This past Tuesday I thought to myself, "hmmm, we should probably do an Easter themed activity." Always waiting until the last minute. I came up with something that I really like and my students LOVED it. I am going to be putting the activity on TpT once I manage to get my life together and give a cute name and all that. Here is what I came up with....

I got some Easter eggs and on each egg I wrote a letter of the alphabet. There were multiples of most letters (similar to scrabble) just to make it easier with all the students to find the letters they needed. I came up with a "secret message" for each student. For each letter in the message there was a corresponding number. Inside each egg was an equation that was equal to the corresponding number under the blank letter spaces. For example, the egg with an "A" on it may have an equation inside that said 5+6. On their paper would be a blank and under it would say __+__=11. They would open the egg, solve the equation, find the matching answer, and then write the letter of the egg in that blank. Then they would just put the equation back in the egg, put the egg back where they found it, and go on to another egg to see if it had a matching answer on their paper.


I mentioned in an earlier post that I am moving at the end of the school year. A lot of my time is being spent on house hunt, moving details, and most importantly JOB SEARCHING! I have been checking the county's school district website at least 58 times a day. I really love my 2nd grade job and will be a little sad to move grade levels, but I also think a change of scenery would be nice. I wouldn't mind the opportunity to learn another grade level's curriculum. I am certified in certain areas of middle school as well and have been applying for those jobs. I just keep thinking that if I do get a middle school job I am really going to miss all the amazing elementary school blogs I read! :-( I hope there are middle school blogs that inspire me like you guys do!


  1. I love the poem idea. Is it possible to get a copy of the poems are a list of the poems and where I can find them.

    1. Molly,
      Here is the link to the website that has some great poems. I have been using these and the kids really think they are funny.