Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2nd Grade Math Common Core

I have really been working on my approach to teaching math and how to go about meeting all the CCSS. I wanted to share some things that I have run across over the past couple of months and something I just purchased from TpT that is just what I have been looking for!

Common Core Math Assessments for Grade 2 - All Standards Included
This has pre and post tests and some great spreadsheets to record scores for each standard.

I found the major work of 2nd grade link helpful as well as the vocabulary. There is other good stuff here too. 

I have had trouble getting organized with CC math and deciding in what order I want and need to teach standards. My district doesn't have a particular text book or curriculum that we are required to use ALL the time. We have something that we pull from as our main resource, but it doesn't put things in an order that was working for me. The 2nd half of the year I finally feel like things are falling into place a bit better. As always, these things are a work in progress and continue to change based on student needs, schedule, etc. 

I hope that someone else can benefit from this and if any of you have suggestions, documents, sites, etc that would go along with this please feel free to leave a comment about what has helped you hit all the standards and (attempt) to have ALL (wishful thinking?) your students master them!

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