Sunday, November 10, 2013

Party it up! Halloween!!

So, I am a teacher who sticks to the schedule all day everyday...except on holidays!! I have had people tell me I need to have more fun with my students, but seriously...when it is a special time of the year we go ALL out!!! This year Halloween happened to fall on an early release day from school, so I fed them massive amounts of sugar and SENT THEM HOME! SORRY PARENTS! :-P Side note: I did give a nice lecture on how it is okay to eat junk food at special times, but that we shouldn't eat it all the time. I am sure it wasn't forgotten in their sugar comas!
 I just had to capture the ring of chocolate icing around the mouth!
 7 cupcakes? Yes, please! ( was only 2)

 Please excuse the unorganized small group table.

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