Sunday, November 17, 2013

Loving TpT!!

So, I have really wanted to start working on some units for my classroom and I am finally sitting down to get started on it!

We are really focusing on grammar right now and my goal is to make an entire unit that covers MOST of the 2nd grade common core standards for grammar. I hope to create this and use it for the whole year. So, I figured since it is almost Thanksgiving I would start out with that as the theme. (I went ahead and made a Christmas one that a sickness?) ANYWAY, here is a sneak peek at what will eventually be an entire grammar unit. This sneak peek is of the noun section.

Here is a sample of the Thanksgiving Noun Section

And here is a sample of the Christmas Noun Section

Also, I am going to do this in a theme that can be used year round and isn't as specific to the time of year. In the moment I want the Thanksgiving or Christmas look, but I am sure that I will change my mind later :-) Hey, I can change my mind, can't I?

In celebration of me getting my life together and being productive I am putting these 2 noun theme products on sale! Click here to go to my TpT store and get yours at 20% off!

Ok, now I really need to get started on my weekly lesson plans and stop browsing themed clip art and paper...Shout out to The School Supply Addict for the awesome backgrounds!!


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